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Ms. Ma Ruby Andrade
Food Technologist
Head, Food Processing Department
Salikneta Farm

mobile: 0908 384 9668

Organic vegetables fruits and wine

Salikneta Fruit Wine

A first from Salikneta Farm, made from a variety of organic fruits locally grown and seen in the farm. It has four different flavors to choose from Bignay, Tomato, Chico, and Guava.

RTD Juice

Ready to Drink Juice or RTD is one of the popular products of the Salikneta Farm. Made from locally grown organic fruits of mango and calamansi.

Organic fruits

We keep our fruits as organic as much as possible to keep it's taste, color, and freshness 100% all the way, without the use of fertilizers.

Organic Vegetables

They're 100% all natural organic vegetables, We use organic methods as a subsitute for fertilizer to keep the vegetables freshness and quality for the consumers to enjoy and taste.


One of the popular products of Salikneta Farm are the Organic Eggs, Produce by locally grown chicken in the farm. Produce eggs range from small, medium and large.

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