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Mr. Rito Tumubo
Head, Vegetation Department
Salikneta Farm

mobile: 0928 990 7781

Vegetation Department


Vegetation Department are made of: 4 areas, Forestry, Crop, Horticulture, Orchard Farming.


Forestry has been an important industry, it can improved biological diversity and enhanced water quality. And a big help of the farm since we have a forest products such as wood that can be used in constructing the guest kubo.


Salikneta Farm has the following areas of flowers, landscaping, nursery for our cut flower and orchard farming.

Orchard Farming

Salikneta Farm has grown different kinds of fruit trees such as Mango, Rambutan, Jackfruit, Coconut, Santol, Chico, Guava and Citrus.


Salikneta Farm has grown different kinds of vegetable such as eggplant, bitter gourd, battle gourd, tomato, bell pepper, lady finger, peanut, corn, lettuce, string beans, taro, pechay, squash etc.

Goals & Objectives

  • Promoting regeneration of forest
  • Establishing appropriate mechanism in the conservation and management of forest
  • Promoting eco-tourism initiative
  • To minimize the use of inorganic pesticides and commercial fertilizers
  • Whole year round supply of vegetables
  • Protect soil to reduce erosion
  • To teach the students and farmers in nursery management and orchard farming
  • To provide and safe produce of our fruits and vegetables
  • To introduce the methods of growing ornamentals, vegetables and orchard farming

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