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Ms Maria Eda Apple Suplido
Agrivet Sciences Institute OIC Executive Director
Salikneta Farm

Physical Plant Vehicle & Security


Three years ago marks the start of Salikneta Farm improvements. The Physical Plant department then had initiated the upgrades most of the farm's facilities. Starting with electricity, water and animal housing.

Water System

  • Automatic water tank operations
  • Installation of big feeder pipes
  • Reviving the CR's and shower rooms
  • Additional pumps and water tanks
  • Utilizing the dirty water for vegetation and cleaning needs

Electrical System

  • Installation of MTS
  • Generator Set Installation 25 KVA
  • Street Lights Upgrade photo switch operated
  • 25 KVA Generator Installation
  • Electric posts upgrade

Animal Housing

  • 30 sow level piggery building
  • 960 head capacity layer building
  • modified 1,400 head capacity layer building
  • open area enclosures for live stocks

The team consolidated massive amount of data for the preparation of the farm's master plan.

The department is dedicated to continue to improve every aspect of the farm facilities. it shall continue to upgrade most facilities and to acquire further developments to ensure efficiency and safety in the farm operations and for the community.

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