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Salikneta Farm

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Agri-Tourism Department


The maker of our cottages hails from Pangasinan, the province described as a gateway to northern Luzon and as the heartland of this country. Hence, the common kubo-style houses found in the said province were built using traditional bamboo, nipa and Philippine wood materials.

The cottages for guests are named after the local herbs that grow in Salikneta Farm. Situated in different key locations the beautiful sceneries of the mountains, lake, tall trees, wild birds and flowers greet the guests from the cottages as they bask in the relaxing and enjoyable wonders of the Salikneta farm.


These dwelling places are homes to our resident students in the farm and for visiting students coming from different Lasallian institutions. Our dorm facilities include furnitures, electric fan, airconditioning system, and toilet and bath area. The dormitories also serve an array of catering options where good, healthy meals are served in the canteen for all residing local and international students.

The dormitories that litter in the farm are the A. T. Reyes Hall, Agriventures Learning Center, Conference Dorm. White House Dorm, Floating House/Dorm and the Male Dormitory.


We have different halls in our Agri-tourism locale. One of the well-known dwellings is the Pavilion. Largely, it’s a venue for retreats, recollections, seminars and other activities. This multi-purpose area surely suits your planning and decision-making activities too. A total of 35 persons can be accommodated in this place.

Other areas which you may consider are the Floating Pavilion, 3 big kubo / multi-purpose halls and our air-conditioned rooms suited for special meetings. The Conference Hall is also a fave spot! This air-conditioned room has a beautiful table and chairs, and may be apt for 20 persons.


The forest of the Salikneta is managed by Mr. Rito Tumubo. True to his family name, Mr. Tumubo grows, preserves and maintains all kinds of trees in the whole farm. The total number of hectares of trees that had been planted in the forest would definitely be not less than 34 hectares. Some of the trees that are found in our forest farm are Mango, Narra, Kapok, Santol, Golden Shower, Palms, Bananas, Citrus, Coconut trees, Gemiliona, Fire trees, Chiko, Rambutan, Duhat, Jackfruits, Mahogany, Soursop, Camias and many others.

The Forest provides the entire farm not only with greeneries but it aids the ecosystems and environment where wild animals may dwell. It blows fresh air and offers shades for them during heavy downpours and the heat. One of the activities of visiting students from different La Salle schools is to plant trees like Narra, Mahogany, Fire Tree, Bagras and other native trees.

Mini zoo

The mini-zoo in Salikneta farm is a must-see! Today we see a display of animals, such as horses, goats, rabbits, muscovy ducks, binagala, geese, turkeys, pigeons, ostriches, monkeys, pigs, buffalos, and sheep. As a display area it is a nice welcome treat for our farm guests.

Bamboo chapel

A chapel that is built from bamboo, nipa and wood will stand two months from now. The sacred dwelling place has a total capacity of 50 people. This will also serve as a prayer area for the community.

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